I’m grateful to be part of a creative network of artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, and designers.  Here are some of their websites:


Meghan Wilbar, paintings

Becky Yazdan, paintings

Jenn Shifflet, paintings

Shura Chernozatonskaya, paintings and installation

Cheryl Agulnick Hochberg, paintings and collaboration

Matt Dojny, drawings and design

Tema Stauffer, photography

Andrew Brehm, sculpture and performance

Celia Gerard, drawings and sculpture

Nicki Stager, photography

Leigh Kane, photography

J. Nordberg, photography and design

Geoff Stein, paintings

Corin Hewitt, installation and photography

Jean Shin, installation

Rose DeSiano, photography

Maria Elena Gonzalez, sculpture



Halfway House by Katharine Noel

Model Home by Eric Puchner

Lowboy  by John Wray

Festival of Earthly Delights by Matt Dojny



Jen Smith, web design



Kenneth Wachtel, Film Editor
Big Mouth Films, Documentary Production Company



If you’re curious about encaustic painting, these are some good sources of information:

R & F Paints

Overview of Encaustic Painting, Wikipedia